Company History

Graphene Crystal is a spin-off of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. It was founded by Dr. Shashikant P. Patole, Prof. Pedro Costa and Dr. Archana S. Patole. The company started its operation in November 2016.
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Mission Statement

To be a preferred supplier, delivering customized graphene products for applications in printing, energy and structural composite industry, reaching customer needs and concerns, thereby generating enhanced market value.
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Value Proposition

For printing, energy and structural composite industry who needs graphene material with specific properties in mass quantity at low price. We offer...
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Benefits of our products

Highly crystalline graphene
Defect free graphene
Large area graphene
High purity graphene
Chemical free graphene
Mass production capacity
Custom blended products


Water Treatment and Filtration
Automotive industries
Oil Industries
Aerospace Industry

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